Friday, October 28, 2016

Why do you want to code your BMW and will it void my warranty?

Many people have posted this common question when it comes to retrofitting your BMWs.

First of all, your BMW does have lot of options in it. In fact, there are simply too many options for your car that BMW decides that it will be impractical for the user to choose that amount of options by themselves that BMW decides to hide some away. Besides this, it could be due to different country regulations that could lead to this decision being made. Thus many options that are deemed useful by the drivers are disabled by default.

Is it safe to code your car? It is only safe when you know what you are doing and understand how it works. 

E-Sys is the software that BMW uses in their factory to program your F-Series BMW car and by using E-sys with the correct data files and E-Sys premium launcher (courtesy of Token master), you can start coding your BMW in no time! If you have some background in computing, coding your car will be an easier task to accomplish. You can start preparing the equipment that you need:

1) OBD 2 ENET cable for F-Series - You can source it from Ebay or any other online shop

2) A Notebook preferably running on Windows OS. (can be WIn10, Win8, Win 7 or even XP)

3) E-Sys software

4) E-Sys Premium launcher software

5) Psdzdata files - Data files required for the coding

That's all you need to code your BMW.

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