Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Coding Sports Automatic Transmission (VO code : 2TB)

Sports Automatic Transmission (2TB) is an optional package offered by BMW. It comes with paddle shift and sports tuned automatic transmission.

So what does it really means?

A quick check in the internet shows that it is an option for BMW 220i series car. That doesn't mean the lower capacity can't have this Sports Automatic Transmission (2TB) enabled right?

Our standard configuration comes with VO code 205 which stands for "Automatic Transmission". To code 2TB, you will need to modify two FDL parameter in these two modules:

1) BDC_BODY -> PADDLES_VERBAULT (set to "aktiv" - default "nicht_aktiv")
2) EGS -> Sport T/M  (set to "enabled" - default "disabled")

Obviously, you need to ensure that your steering wheel is equipped with the paddle shift as well. To be equipped with paddle shift, you can replace your current steering wheel with a M Sport steering wheel with paddle shift or purchase the paddle shift and drill some holes on your steering wheel (Ouch!) to attach it. The "sports" steering wheel that comes as default does not provide the option to retrofit your paddle shift nicely. You have to purchase a different set of steering wheel that comes with paddle shift as standard.

As for the Sports automatic transmission, you will need to set this mode in the EGS module. This will suppose to give you a sportier ride with quicker gear shift at certain RPM which I really need your feedback once you had enable it in your car. I couldn't find much information on what this 2TB option do to your F45/F46 and need some real feedback on how it performs.

Feel free to leave your feedback on this 2TB - Sports Automatic Transmission mode!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Coding a BMW car equipped with Anti-Theft alarm ( Option code: S302A)

Recently, I just coded a F46 equipped with BMW ANTI-THEFT ALARM WITH REMOTE CONTROL (VO code 302). Right after I finished with the coding, my pal locked the car and the car alarm was triggered. This surprises me as I didn't expect the alarm to sound when the car is lock and suspect that the coding has screwed it up. I went on to revert back all the changes but the alarm still goes off once the car is locked. 

After fumbling for an hour, it was discovered that the OBD cable has to be DETACHED from the socket before the car can lock without triggering the alarm. This is a new lesson that I learned today and I hope you will find it useful to know!