Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to change the battery in your BMW Key Fob

Changing your battery in your F-Series BMW Key Fob is easy. Just follow these 5 steps:

1) Press the button and pull out the car key in the direction as indicated by the arrow:

2) Notice the notch at the key fob:

3) Using the same car key, push into the notch and lift the plastic cover up:

4) Slowly lift the plastic cover with your fingers:

5) Presto! Your key fob has been disassembled, exposing the CR 2032 battery. Time to source for a good CR2032 battery and swap it in!

Friday, August 3, 2018

How to check your BMW car ISTA/P version (BMW ECU Software version)?

First of all, what does ISTA/P stands for?

It stands for Integrated Service Technical Application/Programming. ISTA/P is used to process all coded, programmed and enable-dependent control modules in BMW Group vehicles. In short, it's what BMW calls their ECU software.

To check the version of your ECU software, you have to use E-Sys to connect to your car and go to "VCM" -> Read I-Steps and check the version number shown under "I-Step (currently)". 

For example, if you are driving a F46, it will shows "F056-17-11-531". The format is <F-series model number> - <Year> - <Month> - <Version number>. Note that F46 and F45 is using F56 (Mini platform) when it comes to coding/programming.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Common coding options for your BMW F45/F46

What are the common and useful coding options for your BMW F45/F46?

1)   Set "Auto Start Stop" engine disabled as default. 

2)   “Zero” second auto fold mirror upon instead of holding the door knob for 3 seconds for Comfort access enabled cars. Works on your key fob too!

     3)  Blinking turning light: set number of blinks to 5 instead of default 3 blinks during turn signalling. 

4   4) Remembers your last driving mode settings instead of always default to “Comfort”. 

5) Radio and Navigation switched off automatically when driver side door is opened.  

6) Turn on side door handle lights during car reverse to increase visibility. 

7) Air con unit set to “M” as default instead of “A” upon initial startup. 

     8) Hot climate setting for your air con. Localise your car air con country variant setting to “Rest Of the World” instead of default “Europe” or “US” climate setting.  Makes your air con much colder!  

9) Disable Seatbelt reminder on driver side. (For your safety - not recommended!)

    10) Disable welcome 3 GONGS when car starts. 

1  11) Enable “Daytime Running Lights” option in iDrive Menu to manually turn ON/OFF your DRL.

4  12) Enable “Digital Speedometer” in your cluster screen via “BC” button. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

How to reset your brake service alert in your F45/F46 or other F-series

Recently, I just received my front brake pad service alert on my BMW. It is triggered when there is about 2000km mileage left.

On your iDrive, you will receive this alert to warn you about brake pad going to be worn out. 

To reset this alert after you had replaced your brake pads:

1) Press and hold the odometer button. It will turn 0 km mileage and then goes back to previous mileage again. 

2) Keep holding the button for about 10 to 15 seconds.

3) Release the button and press the button again to select the options:

4) Press the button to reset the brake pad alert and a progress message will be shown.  Wait for a few seconds.

5) It will shows brake pad reset success.

6) Go back to your iDrive menu and check vehicle status. Your service alert for brake pad is gone! 

P.S You can also follow similar steps to reset your engine oil alert as well!