Thursday, December 29, 2016

Is your BMW Air Conditioner not cold enough?

Do you find that your car's air conditioning is not cold enough for your liking? 

Do you know that there are regional settings in your air con that you can tune to suit your hot climate like Singapore or Malaysia? Look no further!

Hot climate settings decoded!


The above settings will set the country variant of your car's air conditioning module (IHKA) to "RoW" (Rest of the World) region and adjusting the temperature offset to negative 3K(Whatever that means..). The Solar sensor threshold setting will help in adjusting the air con vents and blowers to optimize the cooling effect in your car as well.

Your aircon will feels much colder than before! 

Prepare a jacket in your car! ⛄


  1. Nice! Really appreciate your selfless sharing on this!

  2. After you set those code, do the air conditioner have been run faster and stronger only like press the control to increase the fan speed and decrease the temp. ? Or just really feel colder then before even not set the control?

    1. Feels colder even at the same preset temperature. For me, I feel that the air con feels cooler when set to "Auto" mode.

    2. Thank you. I set this code yesterday, but not yet test cause in winter, hahaha. After I coded, the A/C unit reset to 20degree and turn off the AC light.

      On the other hand, do you code the IHKA 3003 Funkitionskodierung_HO for memory last setting of the A/C unit? I set this on my X1 F48 18d for the purpose to let the circulation in Manual mode, but it is not work. Still at Auto Mode when I start the car every time.

    3. Set MEMORY_UMLUFT and OFF_MEMORY to activ to remember your last setting and set to "M" for manual mode.

    4. Hi Robot

      I found that there have an error code 8011CD on ISTA+ testing program, it is "Air Conditioning Control Box Incorrect version installed".

      I double check the comment of all the code and found that as below:
      LAENDERVARIANTE = setting the Country Variant of the Audio system.
      LAENDERVARIANTE KLIMA = setting the Country Variant of the Climate system.
      SOLARSENSORKENNLINE , my default is SOLARSENSORKENNLINIE2, but I don't know what is the Solar line stand for, this is equipped on my car as a new feature for A/C.
      TEMPERATURE_OFFSET = -3K means to offset the actual temp. value setting, and after google, -3K equal to less 1.5C, that means, if we set the a/c on 17C with coding -3K offset, then the real temp will be 15.5C.
      I do know the above is or is not correct, hope you can verified.

      Also, if you have ISTA+, please try to test your car have or haven't the same error code.

      Thank you.

    5. one more thing, I have already code back to the default value for the about 4 coding. And will try to test with ISTA+ on next few day.

  3. Hi Robot Lover, Please show me how you do it by video or some photos to guide me through.
    thanks you very much

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  5. Hello,Robot, how to reset the orginal code,because the backup date was deleted by accident .

    1. I can't find CODE, maybe it's a different software. Can u just tell me what's the original code of this four settings, LAENDERVARIANTE,LAENDERVARIANTE KLIMA,SOLARSENSORKENNLINIE,TEMPERATUR_OFFSET. So that I can select directly from my software.





  7. Hi thanks for your blog; are you able to share the eqiupment/ software I need to hv on hand before I start coding? driving a F46. thanks

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  9. Your site is very useful for me,Thanks for your sharing.


  10. Hi robot ,

    Beside coding the above mentioned value or werte. Is it anyway that we can increase the airflow on rear air con alone via coding too? My HVAC is 2 zones system ( not 4 zones ) and my rear passenger always complains the airflow is very weak and sweating even I turned my aircon to 22 degrees during hot day at Singapore here ��

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  15. I would like to use it as a fresh air , but when A / C is turned on, it is fixed to the internal air circulation.
    Is there a coding parameter to solve this?
    The model is F30.