Monday, January 22, 2018

How to reset your brake service alert in your F45/F46 or other F-series

Recently, I just received my front brake pad service alert on my BMW. It is triggered when there is about 2000km mileage left.

On your iDrive, you will receive this alert to warn you about brake pad going to be worn out. 

To reset this alert after you had replaced your brake pads:

1) Press and hold the odometer button. It will turn 0 km mileage and then goes back to previous mileage again. 

2) Keep holding the button for about 10 to 15 seconds.

3) Release the button and press the button again to select the options:

4) Press the button to reset the brake pad alert and a progress message will be shown.  Wait for a few seconds.

5) It will shows brake pad reset success.

6) Go back to your iDrive menu and check vehicle status. Your service alert for brake pad is gone! 

P.S You can also follow similar steps to reset your engine oil alert as well!


  1. Hi...

    Where are you from !?

  2. Your blog is very nice for sharing on this site.


  3. hi,
    does this mean can change brake pad via 3rd party workshop and remove the service warning even if the workshop has not such OBD scanner to reset the service warning ?

    1. Correct. You can go any third party workshop to service and to reset the service warning by yourself!

  4. Hi Robot, do you know if F46 can fit in 6WA cluster with the basic NBT? It have optical port available.

  5. Hi Robot, will you please tell on which display BC information you have to press for the first time odometer button? What do you mean when you say: " It will turn 0 km mileage and then goes back to previous mileage again".
    Is the beginning of the procedure which is unclear to me.

  6. hi.I was trying delete the alarm brake alert and it's impossible for me. after to press odometer button I can see the screen "reset in progress"...but always finish "reset failed". can i do anything?

  7. Good Morning! My F46 BMW says Reset failed, all the time. Any Idea what might be the problem? Sensors?

  8. Just replaced front & rear pads. I tried this but it told me that reset unsuccessful on my 2016 F48 X1. Any ideas

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