Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to change the battery in your BMW Key Fob

Changing your battery in your F-Series BMW Key Fob is easy. Just follow these 5 steps:

1) Press the button and pull out the car key in the direction as indicated by the arrow:

2) Notice the notch at the key fob:

3) Using the same car key, push into the notch and lift the plastic cover up:

4) Slowly lift the plastic cover with your fingers:

5) Presto! Your key fob has been disassembled, exposing the CR 2032 battery. Time to source for a good CR2032 battery and swap it in!

Friday, August 3, 2018

How to check your BMW car ISTA/P version (BMW ECU Software version)?

First of all, what does ISTA/P stands for?

It stands for Integrated Service Technical Application/Programming. ISTA/P is used to process all coded, programmed and enable-dependent control modules in BMW Group vehicles. In short, it's what BMW calls their ECU software.

To check the version of your ECU software, you have to use E-Sys to connect to your car and go to "VCM" -> Read I-Steps and check the version number shown under "I-Step (currently)". 

For example, if you are driving a F46, it will shows "F056-17-11-531". The format is <F-series model number> - <Year> - <Month> - <Version number>. Note that F46 and F45 is using F56 (Mini platform) when it comes to coding/programming.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Common coding options for your BMW F45/F46

What are the common and useful coding options for your BMW F45/F46?

1)   Set "Auto Start Stop" engine disabled as default. 

2)   “Zero” second auto fold mirror upon instead of holding the door knob for 3 seconds for Comfort access enabled cars. Works on your key fob too!

     3)  Blinking turning light: set number of blinks to 5 instead of default 3 blinks during turn signalling. 

4   4) Remembers your last driving mode settings instead of always default to “Comfort”. 

5) Radio and Navigation switched off automatically when driver side door is opened.  

6) Turn on side door handle lights during car reverse to increase visibility. 

7) Air con unit set to “M” as default instead of “A” upon initial startup. 

     8) Hot climate setting for your air con. Localise your car air con country variant setting to “Rest Of the World” instead of default “Europe” or “US” climate setting.  Makes your air con much colder!  

9) Disable Seatbelt reminder on driver side. (For your safety - not recommended!)

    10) Disable welcome 3 GONGS when car starts. 

1  11) Enable “Daytime Running Lights” option in iDrive Menu to manually turn ON/OFF your DRL.

4  12) Enable “Digital Speedometer” in your cluster screen via “BC” button. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

How to reset your brake service alert in your F45/F46 or other F-series

Recently, I just received my front brake pad service alert on my BMW. It is triggered when there is about 2000km mileage left.

On your iDrive, you will receive this alert to warn you about brake pad going to be worn out. 

To reset this alert after you had replaced your brake pads:

1) Press and hold the odometer button. It will turn 0 km mileage and then goes back to previous mileage again. 

2) Keep holding the button for about 10 to 15 seconds.

3) Release the button and press the button again to select the options:

4) Press the button to reset the brake pad alert and a progress message will be shown.  Wait for a few seconds.

5) It will shows brake pad reset success.

6) Go back to your iDrive menu and check vehicle status. Your service alert for brake pad is gone! 

P.S You can also follow similar steps to reset your engine oil alert as well!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Coding Sports Automatic Transmission (VO code : 2TB)

Sports Automatic Transmission (2TB) is an optional package offered by BMW. It comes with paddle shift and sports tuned automatic transmission.

So what does it really means?

A quick check in the internet shows that it is an option for BMW 220i series car. That doesn't mean the lower capacity can't have this Sports Automatic Transmission (2TB) enabled right?

Our standard configuration comes with VO code 205 which stands for "Automatic Transmission". To code 2TB, you will need to modify two FDL parameter in these two modules:

1) BDC_BODY -> PADDLES_VERBAULT (set to "aktiv" - default "nicht_aktiv")
2) EGS -> Sport T/M  (set to "enabled" - default "disabled")

Obviously, you need to ensure that your steering wheel is equipped with the paddle shift as well. To be equipped with paddle shift, you can replace your current steering wheel with a M Sport steering wheel with paddle shift or purchase the paddle shift and drill some holes on your steering wheel (Ouch!) to attach it. The "sports" steering wheel that comes as default does not provide the option to retrofit your paddle shift nicely. You have to purchase a different set of steering wheel that comes with paddle shift as standard.

As for the Sports automatic transmission, you will need to set this mode in the EGS module. This will suppose to give you a sportier ride with quicker gear shift at certain RPM which I really need your feedback once you had enable it in your car. I couldn't find much information on what this 2TB option do to your F45/F46 and need some real feedback on how it performs.

Feel free to leave your feedback on this 2TB - Sports Automatic Transmission mode!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Coding a BMW car equipped with Anti-Theft alarm ( Option code: S302A)

Recently, I just coded a F46 equipped with BMW ANTI-THEFT ALARM WITH REMOTE CONTROL (VO code 302). Right after I finished with the coding, my pal locked the car and the car alarm was triggered. This surprises me as I didn't expect the alarm to sound when the car is lock and suspect that the coding has screwed it up. I went on to revert back all the changes but the alarm still goes off once the car is locked. 

After fumbling for an hour, it was discovered that the OBD cable has to be DETACHED from the socket before the car can lock without triggering the alarm. This is a new lesson that I learned today and I hope you will find it useful to know!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to VO Code Cruise Control

How to VO Code 544 to enable Cruise Control in your BMW F45/F46/F48

Once you have your Cruise Control switch physically installed, you will need to enable your Cruise Control feature in your car through "VO coding". Note that the procedure is also applicable to enable "Enhanced Bluetooth" feature or other VO code procedure. The modules that are required to be coded will be different though. For example, "Enhanced Bluetooth" will require HU_ENTRYNAV module only.

In order to avoid any VCM update errors (this does not affect your coding), go to the top of ESYS and click Options > Settings > Options tab. UNCHECK both check boxes ->  "Update VCM after TAL execution" and "Update MSM after TAL execution."

1) Start your E-Sys, Click "Read" button and then "Active FA":

2)  Go to "SALAPA-Element" and right click and select "Edit":

3) Add the value "544," into the SALAPA-Element and click the save button on the right as highlighted.

4)  Click the "save" button to save the file into a XML file with your desired file name.

5) Go to "VCM" section and load the same XML file that you had saved.

6) Right click "calculate FP" and you will see the Vehicle Profile generated.


7) Click the "Write FA FP" button once you are satisfied with your settings which will writes into your ECU memory. 

8) To enable Cruise Control for F45/F46/F48, you will need to VO code these 4 modules for F45/F46/ F48:




4) DSC2

9) Go to "Coding" section, click "Read ECU" button on the right and then right click on the above-mentioned modules and select "Code". This will enable the settings required for your Cruise Control. Note that the engine need not be switched off for this operation to work successfully.

10) Test your Cruise Control switch to ensure that it has been enabled successfully. Congratulations!

11) It is recommended to remove the VO Code after the coding has been performed.

If VO code is something that you don't prefer to modify, you can perform FDL codings only as such to enable Dynamic Cruise Control:


PfLinSteeringWheel -> 3140 > LIN_VARIANTE_MFL = DCC_Sports_SLD


EXBOX 3001 > DCC = aktiv 


FZG_Ausstattung -> 3003 > LDM_VERBAUT = dcc 


DSC_FAS_CODIERDATEN 3009 > C_Fahrfunktion = DCC

Monday, January 16, 2017

BMW MSport steering wheel retrofit

Fancy having a BMW with a MSport steering wheel with Cruise Control and Paddle Shifter?

Look no further! 

What you need:

1) MSport steering wheel with air bag. Note that F45/F46 uses a typical F30 MSport steering wheel. F10 (5 series) MSport steering wheel is not suitable for F45/F46 use.

Note that it comes with different options like Cruise Control switch, paddle shifter or even Active Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assistant buttons.

2)  Socket wrench tool set - you will requires 16mm socket to unscrew the hexagon nut on the steering wheel

3) A screw driver or a metal rod to take out the air bag from the MSport steering wheel and your current existing stock wheel.

Here it goes!

Taking out the airbag from MSport steering wheel:

Step 1:

Note the hole behind the MSport steering wheel

Step 2:

Release the airbag from the MSport steering wheel by using the flat bed screw driver or metal rod to push the pin that holds the airbag.

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 on the other hole. The airbag will pop out and then be released from the MSport steering wheel. Take out the airbag and store it carefully.

Now your MSport steering wheel is ready for your install!

Taking out the airbag from stock steering wheel:

Step 1:

Turn off the engine entirely. Pull and lower your steering wheel until it fully extends out. Without using any tools but only your fingers, feels the steering column plastic cover and pulls it out. If it is difficult for you to do that, you can pull out the leather piece first but feeling its edges and pull it out gently. There are no screws attached to it

Step 2:

Lift out the cover slowly. You do not need to take out the cover.

Step 3:

Pull down the bottom cover as well and leave it dangling. You do not need to detach any connectors.

Step 4:

Now, you have full access to the 3 pins behind the steering wheel through the highlighted holes below which allows you to detach the stock BMW airbag. 

Step 5: 

Facing the steering wheel, start from the bottom hole,use your flat bed screw driver to push the pin to release the airbag pin first. Once the airbag pin has been released, switch on the engine, turn the steering wheel to anti-clockwise, switch off the engine and continue to perform the same procedure to release the airbag pin. Repeat step 5 to access the other pin.

Step 6: 

Once all the pins have been released, the entire BMW airbag will popped out and thus can be safely removed. Unplug the three connectors and unscrew the earth wire connector as shown below. Use the socket wrench with 16mm diameter to socket to unscrew the nut and replace it with your MSport steering wheel and plugging in back the two connectors, screw back the nut and then followed by connecting back the air bag connector and snap the airbag back in place to the steering wheel.

Step 7: Done! Give yourself a pat on your back!

Check the horn and all buttons are working especially on the right hand side buttons. For the left hand side buttons and paddle shifter to work, it will need extra coding to be performed.

Time to code Dynamic Cruise Control and Paddle shifter for your car! Please refer to my other blogs which provides the details to code paddle shifter and cruise control for your F45/F46.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Is your BMW Air Conditioner not cold enough?

Do you find that your car's air conditioning is not cold enough for your liking? 

Do you know that there are regional settings in your air con that you can tune to suit your hot climate like Singapore or Malaysia? Look no further!

Hot climate settings decoded!


The above settings will set the country variant of your car's air conditioning module (IHKA) to "RoW" (Rest of the World) region and adjusting the temperature offset to negative 3K(Whatever that means..). The Solar sensor threshold setting will help in adjusting the air con vents and blowers to optimize the cooling effect in your car as well.

Your aircon will feels much colder than before! 

Prepare a jacket in your car! ⛄

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to enable 5 flashes for your turning lights indicator

Our BMW car has the default setting of 3 turning signal blinks when the indicator stalk was triggered. This may not be sufficient for everybody. It will be fun if we can modify it.

For older models of  F45/F46 (Before Apr 2016 manufacturing month), you can modify the werte value to 04. Note that this parameter will only works when it has "dreimal" (3 times) as an option. 

Change flash count to 5. (4+1)

You can increase the number of blinks up to a 

maximum value of "7" which means the value 

to set is  "werte= 06".

For newer models who do not have "dreimal" as an option in BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPP, the alternate option is to modify this parameter 
"PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN" with this option "Tippblinken_fuenfmal " which means set Tip flashes to 5 flashes! 

This will change the default number of flashes to 5 instead of 3.

BDC_BODY3068PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKENTippblinken_fuenfmal (werte=02)Change blink count to 5

Note: Interestingly, this parameter "PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN" can only reveal itself with the latest E-sys 3.28. It will not appear even if you have the latest psdzdata data file.