Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Coding: How to enable "Enhanced USB and Bluetooth functionality" in your BMW 2er F45/F46

BMW delivers standard blue tooth functionality for your cars. However, do you know that your car actually comes with this hidden "Enhanced USB and Bluetooth" feature which  allows two phones to be paired with your bluetooth interface and able to access your text messages and emails and able to read out to you while you are driving?

To check your phone compatibility, please visit this link:


Currently, Apple phones are not able to access emails or text messages. Android phone makers like Samsung and Sony are able to access your text messages and emails as shown in the above photo.

Here's what you need to do:

1) Review the VO code edit steps shown here: 


2) On step 5 of the mentioned PDF, simply add VO code "6NS" to the element instead of removing any values.

3) Perform the rest of the mentioned steps and perform "code" on your "HU_ENTRYNAV" module only. Note that it will code back to your original factory setting. 

4) Remember to backup your CAFD files as these steps involves factory reset your HU_ENTRYNAV module entirely and all your customized codes will be gone. Be familiar with CAFD files restoration steps to recover your original settings.

5) Unpair all your phones from your bluetooth 

6) Go to the Bluetooth section, press the "Option" idrive button and go to "Options" -> "Configure Bluetooth" and check the "Telephone 1" and "Office" options. 

If you are pairing 2 phones, the first one should be selected as Telephone 1 during pairing and the second one needs to be selected as Telephone 2 for both phones to work at same time. 

5) Test your new enhanced bluetooth functionailty by pairing your phones and enjoy the music!

NOTE: If you have coded your ECU with 8.8 inch screen, you will need to set the correct settings for your display resolution and display variante parameter otherwise, it will display a blank screen instead.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

DIY Guide: How to change your air con filter

Changing of air con filter should be an easy task for most cars. Not with a BMW 2 series though. The air con filter is located at the most obscure place ever and it's beyond my understanding on why would it be located at such hard to reach places. 

Take a look!

Step 1:

Use a torx screw driver to unscrew the torx screw located under the driver's steering wheel near the foot resting well as shown below:

Step 2:

Once unscrew, you can take out the plastic cover which will reveal the air con filter holder.

Step 3:

Open the air con filter holder flap by pressing the handle as shown in the highlighted arrow. Your finger should be able to open this flap without any tools but be extra careful to avoid getting cuts.

Step 4:

Once the air con filter holder flap is opened, you will be able to see the air con filter. Take it out for inspection and vacuum or change it if required. Use a pair of pliers if it is difficult for your fingers to pull it out.

Note the air flow arrow direction and make sure to put it back the same way as indicated below.