Saturday, August 20, 2016

Coding: Rear Day Light Running light for your BMW 2er F45/F46

Wish to have full visibility of your car on the road during daytime?

This rear Daytime Running Lights(DRL) works the same way as your front DRL using the BMW angel eyes. If you switch the DRL settings off at your idrive settings, the rear DRL will be switched off as well. 

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are useful on the road when you want full visibility of your car to other drivers on the road.

Let's start coding for it!

BDC_BODY3064MAPPING_TAGFAHRL_1_H_L_OUTPUTsl_loffEnable tail lights with DRL
BDC_BODY3064MAPPING_TAGFAHRL_1_H_R_OUTPUTsl_roffEnable tail lights with DRL

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Coding: Enabling your Towbar Zoom in your reverse camera

Do you know that there is one hidden camera function in your BMW reverse camera? 

Yes, that is the Towbar zoom feature! 

Having this option turned on through BMW coding will allows you to zoom in your view during parking. Originally, it is meant for driver to zoom in to their tow bar to ensure that the trailer is secured properly. 

A secondary useful function will be to zoom in to the car park slot and park your car precisely in a tight parking slot like those old shopping centers with very tight and small parking slots.

To enable such feature, you have to code this:

HU_NBT3001EXBOXMACRO_TRAILER_COUPLINGaktivnicht_aktivEnable zoom on rear view camera for trailer hitch

Friday, August 12, 2016

DIY Guide: How to install BMW LED Door light projector on your F45/F46 (Active/Gran Tourer)

This has nothing to do with coding (unfortunately!) but is a common upgrade option that has been asked by quite a few people.

Like this? Well, you can afford it at a very reasonable price! 

Go Ebay and look for "BMW Door projector" which will normally cost around 10 to 30 dollars for 2 pcs. Taobao also sells it at similar price.

It will look something like this:

Check and confirm with the seller that it will fit BMW F series car preferably on F45/F46, if not it is still possible to install with some trimming off the plastic using a plier and a metal file. 

Also, note that F45/G46 LED door slot is smaller and you will need to trim off the plastic in order to fit it in. Nevertheless, it still worth spending more than 200 dollars over it.

I will also recommend that you use a plastic pry open tool to take out your existing light projector to avoid any scratches as shown below. A screw driver may work but it may cause damage to your existing door light as it is made of soft plastic cover.

Before you carry on, note that you need to "dig" out the correct side of the door light adapter in order to take it out successfully as shown below:

Coding: How to code your BMW to remember your last driving mode

It is truly a pain to set all those annoying settings every time when you start your car. Now you can change that by coding your BMW as follows:

BDC_BODY3221PfFesMasterFesInitModeWerte=07Werte=03Default drive mode:
03 = Comfort, 04 = Sports, 07 = Eco Pro
BDC_BODY3221PfFesMasterFesAllowMode2LastFunctionaktivnicht_aktivRemembers your last driving mode for Comfort
BDC_BODY3221PfFesMasterFesAllowMode4LastFunctionaktivnicht_aktivRemembers your last driving mode for Sport
BDC_BODY3221PfFesMasterFesAllowMode7LastFunctionaktivnicht_aktivRemembers your last driving mode for Eco Pro
BDC_BODY3221PfFesMasterFesLastFunctionIntervalWerte=FFWerte=00 Car will stay in your previous mode as long
as you don't change it to something else.

All parameters are mandatory and have to be set together, If you forgot to set FesInitMode to either 03,04 or 07, the driver and passenger power windows will failed to work. Don't say I never remind you!

Now, your BMW will not set to "Comfort" driving mode when you start your engine!