Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to enable 5 flashes for your turning lights indicator

Our BMW car has the default setting of 3 turning signal blinks when the indicator stalk was triggered. This may not be sufficient for everybody. It will be fun if we can modify it.

For older models of  F45/F46 (Before Apr 2016 manufacturing month), you can modify the werte value to 04. Note that this parameter will only works when it has "dreimal" (3 times) as an option. 

Change flash count to 5. (4+1)

You can increase the number of blinks up to a 

maximum value of "7" which means the value 

to set is  "werte= 06".

For newer models who do not have "dreimal" as an option in BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPP, the alternate option is to modify this parameter 
"PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN" with this option "Tippblinken_fuenfmal " which means set Tip flashes to 5 flashes! 

This will change the default number of flashes to 5 instead of 3.

BDC_BODY3068PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKENTippblinken_fuenfmal (werte=02)Change blink count to 5

Note: Interestingly, this parameter "PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN" can only reveal itself with the latest E-sys 3.28. It will not appear even if you have the latest psdzdata data file.


  1. Hi, my X1 F48 18d is 9/2016 model, I want to do this coding, see the default value of BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPP is werte=0, so I think need to use PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN. Same as you said I cannot found this ECU. But I am worry to do the VO coding cause I am a first time to learn the coding. It is not suitable to code VO for me?

    1. This parameter -> PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN is a mystery to me. It does not comes up for all cars and even if you VO code 544 for Dynamic Cruise Control, I can't guarantee that it will comes out.

    2. Hi Robot, I finally found the PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN and coded successfully. Cause my last laptop with E-Sys is winxp base and the version of E-Sys is oldest. Then I upgraded to WIN 7 Pro and reinstall the newest E-Sys and Launcher. After that, I can found the PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN under BDC_BODY 3068 LceMaster. There only 3 setting as 1, 3 and 5 blinks. Thank you for your help.

  2. hi, my option is "einemal" and it doesn't works with 04. I have stock 544 and PIA is in 3069 instead of 3068 but again option is different and 02 doesn't works. any suggestion?

    1. Thanks for your beer! :-D

      Are you able to locate this parameter -> PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN in your BDC_BODY?

  3. Yes PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN is in 3069 but Tippblinken_fuenfmal is not an option

  4. Hi! My car is F48 18d sDrive 2016.
    PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN is in 3069, there is the option Tippblinken_fuenfmal. I selected it, but it's not working.
    There is no BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPP on 3068.
    What can I do to make it work with 5 blinks?

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